Did you know, that with the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, your website can help boost your online visibility to your customers? It’s not guess work. There is a method to the madness. SEO is a form of inbound marketing that utilizes the right techniques to make your website appear more relative and authoritative which in turn helps potential customers find your service online.

One such technique is keyword research and analysis. Yes, your website may be the greatest thing since sliced bread and has enough content to last a life time but if you are not targeting the right keywords and using an organic keyword data model revenue, then not only will no-one will find your website but you won’t make money let alone understand your keyword conversion opportunities.


Professional Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is about two things, finding the right keywords and pairing them successfully with your business. There are any number of ways you can describe your business. You can list the words that describe your products, your services, and your policy. Everything you do for your website is picked up by various search engines that help bring people to your website. Individuals looking for your service or product start by performing keyword queries that match their intent. Keyword research is about bridging that gap of intent with providing the user the most relevant content. My research assists in understanding how users search in figuring out what people will type.

What this all comes down to is getting the highest return on your investment. You are spending your time and effort building a website. By contracting my services, I make sure that your website reaches the right audience. It all comes down to is keyword optimization.


Keyword Discovery

A lot goes into search engine optimization because the ways search engines generate results are varied and complex. From a single word to a long tail keyword query, we analyze which keywords will draw people to you. We simplify this process. Keyword analysis begins by looking through the data generated by people and their search results. By knowing what people are typing, we can help market your website better. In addition, we can also perform a GAP analysis and competitor analysis to find opportunities that help determine risk vs reward.

Being as close to the first result as possible for any search engine result can dramatically increase business and bring attention to your company.



Long Tail Keyword Demand Curve

Keyword Research Tools & Resources

How do we get all of this knowledge about keyword demand and keyword referrals? From great research sources and tools like these:

gear-icon  MOZ Keyword Difficulty Tool

 Google Adwords Keyword Plannergear-icon

gear-icon Google Trends


gear-icon MOZ Guide to Keyword Research

Getting the Edge

Let me show you how targeting the right terms can help boost your online presence, giving you the edge.


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