Whether you are a small brick-and-mortar store or decentralized franchise organization, Local SEO can increase the number of customers that your website solicits. With a unique approach to using citations, Google My Business, and reviews, I can help create a strategic local search optimization plan for your business that yields the right local traffic into measurable dollars.

What is Local Search Optimization?

Not all searches are created equal. An increasing number of searches are being done by a myriad of mobile devices by people in a community or visitors who are looking for services on the go. Local optimization is all about tapping into this need. By targeting directly towards those in the community, a local company, (even one with international services) can draw increased business. Compared to general SEO practices, local search engine optimization draws on three distinct set of parameters and specialization:

Citations are to Local SEO what backlinks are to SEO. Having consistent citations with the same name, address, phone number and website URL (NAP+W) on authoritative and relevant websites, the higher your local rankings can be.
Reviews on 3rd party local business pages have a significant influence especially if you have more than your competitors. Surprisingly, it’s the the quantity and not quality that matters much. Earn them fairly and don’t offer incentives or inflate the number of reviews for fake ones.
Ensuring that your local pages are relevant from proper categorization, photos to listing a local phone number goes a long way with local listings, especially within Google own local listing page, Google My Business. Like SEO, keep it relevant and consistent.

Targeting the Right Local Demographic

Local business marketing will depend entirely upon where you live, and what the interests of the locals are. In addition, local vernacular will change from place to place. Words that are used in one location may not be used in another (soda, pop, cola, etc.) By finding the best words to brand yourself towards the local population, you stand the greatest chance of being better recognized and clicked on by those searching.


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Targeting Local Search User Behaviour

Local search optimization is dependent on how, what and where people are searching and how your local business listing is perceived by search engines such as citations. Ranking a local business is also about people using other online search avenues other than the big search engines. Predominantly, yes but the reality is that prospective customers visit a wide range of sites to find the right business. For instance, a business owner might think that people are using Google Maps to locate their business, when in fact a customer may be using Yelp or the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for customer reviews. Our Local SEO services take this into consideration and look at what and how people are utilizing search within your area.


Learn from Daily Life

You’re tired of cooking and interested in trying something new. Finding a good restaurant that you have never been to before, can be a daunting, so what do you do? For the most part, people probably ask a friend and family. Barring that, most people immediately start searching online for nearest locations and reviews for local establishments. Websites like YellowPages.com, Google Maps results for keywords, and Yelp are just a few of the ways that people find out information about local places.

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